Did my Server get hacked? Why can’t I find ifconfig or netstat on my RHEL 7.X or CentOS 7.X Server?

If you got the following. No need to panic.   ( You will get the following if you did a minimal install of rhel or centOS)
# ifconfig
-bash:  ifconfig: command not found
As early as RHEL5 and 6 ( CentOS 5 & 6 also).2009..nearly a decade. Wow!. RedHat made the 
decision to no longer install the net-tools package by default on RHEL7. "Only on the Minimal Install" 

iconfig did not support InfiniBand addresses (commonly used interconnect in high-performance computing 
applications). InfiniBand addresses were too big for ifconfig to display; therefore, it was necessary to 
deprecate ifconfig and to find a tool that could display long InfiniBand addresses.

- And ifconfig does not show all the details of ip addresses assigned to interfaces anyway 

RedHat came up with replacement utilities which are ss and ip.

If you can't live without ifconfig and netstat like me. install net-tools with yum.
# yum install net-tools

Use command #ip addr to see the IP addresses of your networking devices:

Use the command #nmcli d show (NetworkManager Command Line Interface, device, show) to see more in-depth 
information about your networking devices:

The Planet remains safe with Jedi Linux.

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